The Southern Platte Fire Protection District is a combination department, which consists of both career and volunteer firefighters. As with many combination departments in the United States, the District is property tax-supported, and has an annual call volume larger than a purely volunteer department.

Career Employment

Presently, the District employees 41 full-time career firefighters. Those firefighters are assigned to one of three shifts.

Examples are, each day Pumper 63's crew includes three firefighters and one captain or crew supervisor. Pumper 64 operates with two firefighters and a captain. Pumper 61’s crew operates with two firefighters and a captain. Career-path volunteer personnel supplement career crews, as those individuals are available.

A firefighter's shift is 24 hours long -- he eats, sleeps, exercises, trains, performs inspections, and maintains district equipment when he's not responding to emergencies. After a 24-hour shift, the firefighter gets 24-hours off. After the third day on duty, that firefighter's "tour" ends, and he gets 96-hours off.

Each firefighter literally lives at Station One, Three or Four for a third of the month.

Minimum requirements to be hired as a Southern Platte career employee include current certification as an Emergency Medical Technician, Missouri Firefighter I & II Certification, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, and have a current CPAT Certificate.

For more information about becoming a Southern Platte career firefighter, call 741-2900.

Volunteer Employment

Currently, the Southern Platte Fire Protection District is not accepting any applications for volunteer employment.